Motivation in Endurance Activities

Last night I found myself discussing, once again, the topic of running motivation to a fellow runner.  He was telling me about his first marathon experience in Knysna and asking how you then imagine yourself running not just another 14km in the Two Oceans, but double that and then some, for the Comrades…

I have said this before and I will say it again and again – when we run a half marathon or a marathon and then think about going further  – your mind knows exactly how far you are going and so after 21km or 42km, to think about going any further once you are done, just feels impossible.  Yet, when you know you are running 56km or 89km, you get to the 21km or 42km mark and feel perfectly fine (speaking in relative terms) and keep on going.

Lewis Pugh, an endurance swimmer illustrates this perfectly in the video below and with the statement  “There is nothing more powerful than the made-up mind” – which is what I’m going to leave you with for now because it describes what I’m trying to say, perfectly.

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