Motivation doldrums

Today I’m talking about motivation, because I’m finding it VERY difficult to put my running shoes on a the moment.  With my running club (and my mother) being in KZN and not very many of my friends even owning running shoes, I amaze myself at the load of excuses I can come up with on why NOT to run.

My knee is no longer a valid reason,  with the Orthopedic Surgeon giving me the “all clear”, the weather has been just about perfect and work has been anything but tiring.  So why the lethargy?? 

I guess I’m getting a little bored of trying to find running partners, new routes and constantly trying to calculate how many km’s I’ve done and if it will be enough by June 15th.

I’ve read that this is normal in comrades training, but really now, I’m a little over it!!

So, any suggestions to help fill my sails again with some wind would be greatly appreciated and in the mean time, I’m going to put my big girl brooks on and try not complain…



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  1. Trish says:

    Its called the ‘plods’! What to do – pick yourself up, put your shoes on and start all over again!

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