Masai Mara Marathon

I was sent this competition link the other day and was forced to think about a possible African holiday, guess what the first thing was which popped into my mind… – a marathon through the Masai Mara.

How amazing would it be to run through such an insanely beautiful piece of land, just as the wild animals do…? Of course precaution would have to be taken for the carnivores, but to have an organized marathon in this part of the world would have me packing my bags and making sure I can outrun a lion 😉

Anyone else keen?

Masai Warriors

Masai Warriors


  1. Chris (Rotary Club of Nairobi) says:

    Your dream is coming true this Sunday, November 22, 2009! See: Enjoy!

  2. Cands says:

    Hi George, you can’t – it’s a race which I wish someone would start and add to the running calendar!
    Sorry to get you all excited 🙂

  3. george ndungu says:

    how can i register please?

  4. Candice says:

    Hahaha, you only have to run faster than the slowest person…

  5. Mwaka Kaonga says:

    Thank you for signing me up Ryan. Given that you are faster than me you can chase those cats before I get there!
    I think this would get the adrenaline flowing…hit the ground running and hope that you outrun the fastest cat. Gives new meaning to middle of the pack…by the time I get there the cats will not be interested!

  6. ryan says:

    Mwaka and i are in
    Have you heard about the marathon through Kruger? I read about it a while ago and i just found this extract about the race a few years ago – hilarious (especially as no one got eaten):
    The seventeenth running of the Skukuza Half Marathon will long be remembered as the “Lion Race.” At about 14 km into the race the lead vehicle came across three lionesses lying in the road and when Vossie, the driver of the lead vehicle, tried to move them off they were reluctant to leave and only moved to the side of the road. By this time the leading runner, Vincent Kutoane, had caught up with the vehicle and when he saw the three cats on the side of the road, he jumped up onto the bakkie. A game guard was called in and managed to persuade the lions to move on, by which time twelve runners had collected around the lead vehicle. The runners decided that there was safety in numbers and so voted to finish the race in a bundle, jogging the last 7 km.They agreed that Vincent be declared the winner, with Graham Malinga and Nthuthuko Maseko, the second and third runners at that stage, being given those positions in the final results. The rest of the field past the point without more drama, most of us blissfully unaware of what had occurred earlier.

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