Longest Run, Ever – Part 1

Ok, the cold is gone, the knee is feeling better and I’m doing a comrades training run (56km) with the Fishoek Athletic club on Saturday morning.
This run will be the longest I’ll do before Comrades, after Saturday I will be sticking to short-ish distances until d-day (June 15th).

It’s amazing what some rest can do, not just for the body but for the mind too. I was finding it extremely difficult to motivate myself before the West Coast Marathon on April 26th, dragging my feet to get running and looking for any excuse not to not have to.
Having taken last week off to help rid my body of all its little viral squatters, I hit the road on Sunday with new enthusiasm. It was even raining and I managed to drag myself and my running buddies Saun and Mary out of bed, now THAT’S motivation!!

The run on Saturday sounds like its going to be fun. It is called 4 Hills for Lindsay, and is specifically a Comrades training run for the Fishoek club and anyone interested in joining them. What made me decide to do this run was the fact that they specifically want you to see what works for you by supplying different things to try. The water tables are stocked with Energade, Powerade, water and coke so that you can see what you prefer. They will also have different things to eat along the way (I get hungry) so that you can see what works for you. And really the clincher for me was that every table will have toilet paper…

Click here to check out the route, it looks pretty hectic but beautiful and being the lucky girl that I am, I already have a few people keen to meet me at different spots along the way, and even run for short distances with me (look at “Tips on Being a Great Second”, clearly people have been taking notes).

Will let you know how it goes…

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  1. btefan says:

    A bit of advice: don’t get any colds or viruses before the race. 🙂

    56km…us Americans have a problem trying to figure out this crazy metric system.

    Have fun on the course!

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