Post Race Blues…

It has been a week since the Comrades Marathon and I’m back home and finally getting over the flu I picked up after the race.  I am feeling a little directionless now that the “big day” has come and gone and even though I have a few things to look forward to (like a new job and the Knysna half marathon in 2 weeks time), I can’t help feeling a little deflated…


It already feels like a life-time ago that people were yelling my name (our numbers had our names on them) as I was running into the stadium and to be realistic, trying to top that feeling is going to be hard – but I am going to apply my mind and see what I can come up with.


Any ideas as to what I can do next…



  1. Werner says:


    If you have never run the Knysna half you will LOVE it. I flew back to SA last year just to do this race …and to visit some friends of course. I have done it twice now. It’s fast, downhill and the vibe is really awesome!

    Enjoy, if you are entered!

  2. btefan says:

    Go for a nice, long, non-training run. Plan a trip to a place you’ve never been and run in the new spot. Or just relax! 🙂

  3. Chanleigh Mason says:

    Hi Candice. I’m gladyou asked “Any ideas as to what I can do next…”
    Have you done any Longest Day or Longest Night events? Also, what about The Cape Odyssey in October? I’ve decided to slow down on running races every single weekend and instead focus on the weird and wonderful races. Also one of these is the George Archer 6 Day Circuit Race which is in March/April. I found this one to be awesome. I must agree with you on one thing in particular – feeling deflated! Is this what our whole year’s worth of running has culminated into? Anyway, here’s hoping you recover soon from the flu – I’ve just got back from the Doc after 2 injections and a packet full of drugs… maybe I can sleep a few weeks away…. : )
    Kind Regards
    Chanleigh Mason

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