Kloof Neck Classic

For those of you familiar with Cape Town, imagine running up the Glen from Camps Bay then up Tafelberg road and then up Signal Hill road, and then back to Camps Bay again.  Madness – definitely

My first half marathon in the year, I’d decided to test myself to see how unfit I’d become over the holidays – why I decided I needed a test after having a very lazy Christmas I’m not really sure, I guess I was hoping that the dancing on New Years counted for something…

Hurtling back down the Glen to the finish line at Camps Bay High school, making sure I didn’t trip on any cats-eyes on the way, it felt like I’d been on the road for hours.  Fighting the urge to walk onto the field towards the time keepers (this is apparently very uncool) I almost choked on my “free” (we pay for the privilege of putting our bodies through this kind of torture) cup of coke to discover that I’d run this race in 2 hours and 4 minutes.

To put this into perspective for you, I was never a runner to begin with, opting for long jump and javelin at school in the compulsory sport events (this is comical given that I am on the very side of short), I had never imagined that I would find myself running, let alone running races with the hopes of qualifying for the Comrades!!

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