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For those of you who would like to keep in touch with my progress on race day, the Comrades Association has this rad thing where you can sms my race number to them, and every time I go over a timing mat (I think there are about 6 throughout the race) you will get a message with my location and time.  This is unfortunately only open to South African residents and costs R10 per sms (which goes to charity), so be warned….

My Race number:  43099

SMS: 38132

Alternatively (this is for those of you who want to keep track from of me from other patches of this world) I will hopefully have someone receiving these sms’ and posting them onto Facebook and Twitter, how’s that for a free alternative 🙂 (the R10 you saved on the sms can get donated to my “Let’s send some kids to school” campaign…)

OR, I know the options just keep coming – you can go to the Comrades website where you will be able to see the finish line live on the day (if you can’t actually be in front of the TV).

I’d like to say that those who were crazy enough to sit in front of the TV the entire day last year, were rewarded with a whole 3 second shot of me right at the end (you know who you are) and NO there was no flashing or anything of the sort going on, I had just been running for 11 hours and about 10 minutes at that stage so if you plan on making a date with the TV for Sunday, don’t get your hopes up 🙂


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