International First Love Day…

Today is International First Love Day and I felt like I wanted to contribute…

When examining what qualifies someone or something as a “First Love” I was rather shocked to discover that running ticked all the boxes!

Love is about sacrifice – we all know about this when training for a specific race, I for one can’t even remember what my surfboard looks like or which way to put on my wetsuit, don’t even mention my friends (I have to write their names down to remember them).

You spend most of your time with those you love – don’t even get me started on how much time I spend running, thinking about running or planning a run.

First loves are like prized possessions – well we all know what I think about in times of crisis

In all honesty though there are things about running which would qualify it as a first love, for me anyway.  These are the things I love about running:love-day

  • An early morning run through a beautiful place, when it’s quiet and nobody is around
  • The feeling of crossing the finish line of all of my races
  • Having people come up to me at a race and say ‘Hey, aren’t you the Reluctant Runner?”
  • The fact that it serves as a platform for me to give back in some small way
  • The knowledge that I can do anything I put my mind to

I keep saying that after this Comrades Marathon I’m going to be putting running on the back burner and taking up all those other things which I enjoy doing, but in the back of my mind I  wonder – will anything else be able to compare with that feeling of running across the finish line of the Ultimate Human Race…?


  1. Candice says:

    Thank you Fred, I’ll keep that in mind on Sunday!!

  2. Fred says:

    Hello Candice,

    Very nice post!

    I’d wish you luck on your race, but you know what I think about luck…

    I have a deep gut feeling that you’ll do fantastic! I’ll be thinking about you this weekend!

    (“Good luck!” …oops!)


  3. BrianFlash says:

    Running on the back burner. Say it isn’t so.

    I didn’t run for 20 years and now I think about the time lost. So don’t abandon completely…

  4. Exactly! I wish running was my first love… Or any love, for that matter. It’s a lot healthier than many of my loves – tea, chocolate, lying down reading in my hammock.
    You’re a lucky lover 🙂

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