If I had R50 000 to spend…

I have a little confession to make…  I am an absolute slave to competitions!  I will enter anything which involves winning money, travel, spa treatments – I don’t discriminate 🙂  So when I heard that Standard Bank was running a campaign for a new credit card, specifically for women (I was in the market for a new credit card anyway), I jumped at the opportunity because all successful applicants stand a chance of winning R50 000!!!

Of course now that I have applied I catch myself wondering what I’d spend the money on and as I’m sure you can all guess, it includes running somewhere new and exciting.  So this is what I would like to do, if I had the time and money to do it and who knows, perhaps by stating it it might come true…

There is a Pilgrimage which people do in Spain called El Camino de Santiago (Road to Santiago or St James’ Way).  The distance varies depending on where you start but the longest route is around 800km and if you walk, should take a month – I however, would like to run…  There would be a fair amount of planning involved although accommodation is usually very cheap or even free along the way.  Food can be bought in the various towns which the trail goes through and so all that needs to be carried is clothes and water.

Who would like to join me??  Where would you run if time and money wasn’t a limiting factor?


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