Helderberg Mountain Challenge

I have just received the details of a new race in my inbox – the Helderberg Mountain Challenge on September 25th!

This doesn’t look like it is for the the faint hearted, with an 875m climb in around 9km’s, this 15.5km trail run is quite technical and follows  jeep tracks,  hiking trails and there is even a rock hopping section for you mountain goats.

If you  would prefer to remain injury free 🙂 there is an 11.5km trail run which sticks to the lower slopes of the Helderberg range and isn’t as technical as the other one.

For more information on what sounds like an awesome run, check it out here and make sure you enter!

Route and Profile

Route and Profile


  1. Awww that’s tough!! Have fun on your escapades!!

  2. That looks brutal! I’ve been looking into trail running lately – I don’t think I’ll get started on this one. I guess that makes me a reluctant runner too!

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