Happy New Year everyone!!

I know I’m a bit late in wishing all of you but things have been rather hectic around here with my family holiday, job resignation and the first tentative steps towards my own business – but I’m back not just to the blog but it seems to running too…

My motivation was non-existent towards the end of last year which led me to solicit a couple of running partners, Nicola you all know from here and here, and Jo who was one of my original running buddies AND who has decided she would like to run this years Comrades!!.  I’ve also got a few part-timers on board Shaun, Sasha, Lauren, Dalena and whoever else will be running with me over the next few months as I train for the 2010 Comrades.

Good to be back to writing and running and to life in general after the big slump which took over at the end of last year, I hope to keep you entertained with my tales of running in preparation for the 2010 Comrades.

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  1. BrianFlash says:

    Welcome back!

    We Comrades newbies need a mentor versed in the ultra type stuff to help keep us trucking the next few months!

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