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In the article I wrote for woman24.com this week I mentioned how reaching my goal of finishing the Milkwood half-marathon in under 2 hours, had put me on a massive high and has helped motivate me, especially in this stage of my training.


I had never set any goals for running because I didn’t want to put any pressure on myself, just running was bad enough.  Realistically though, I perform best under pressure (or so I keep saying in all my job interviews – yes amidst all of this I am job hunting).  I have always known this about myself, yet why with something like running where goals are easily defined, have I neglected to set the posts??


My “note to self” was always to just finish the race, with minimal amount of injury and I’ve been doing very well with that – BUT look how much better I could do if I actually set realistic goals (I still want to finish injury free) and reach them .

So for my marathon on Saturday, I plan on finishing in under 4 hours and 20 minutes so that I start in the same place as my mom at the Comrades (she would have started with me anyway, it would just be nice if I could start where she qualified to start).


I have also started getting pledges for Reach for Recovery, some have been somewhat creative…

Brendan is sponsoring me per training km. He said that all the effort goes into the preparation…  Thanks my friend!!

Charles (in all his wisdom) has decided to sponsor R5 per km completed, that’s huge and I’m totally stoked but when I thanked him (and told him he’d be coughing up a hefty sum at the end) he told me, rather smugly, that he didn’t expect me to finish hence this type of donation…  Well Mr, we will see about that!!

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  1. btefan says:

    Hey, I’m a runner too and I just found your blog. I’m training for a half marathon (my first) and I’m a bit nervous. Good luck on your full marathon. I know you’ll do great!


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