First Race of 2009

I’m back – feeling refreshed and quite motivated for the next 5 months of running in preparation for the Comrades Marathon in May!!

I’m not going to lie, I was probably a little optimistic in thinking I could do a 15km run without having done much over the last 2 months.  Occupying my newfound free time with surfing and working on my alcohol tolerance through practice, I suspected that my fitness might have been effected which is probably what convinced me last minute to do this run – as an experiment or benchmark to see where I was starting from.

Jo (one of my running partners from last year) was the instigator of this run and so we set off for Big Bay as the sun was rising on Saturday morning, after struggling out of bed at 4:30am wondering why I’d had that last gin on the beach the night before…

The field was pretty small considering the proximity of this race to New Year’s Day hangovers and the subsequent festivities.  I had a slow start and lost Jo along the way while she was considering the pro’s to never drinking again – ever!

Coming in at 1:24 I didn’t think I had done too badly considering I did it without music (my ipod was stolen with my bag a few weeks ago) and a minimal amount of training.

All in all it was great being back in “racing mode” again.  The energy around races and seeing so many familiar faces again has added to my motivation for the coming weeks.  I’m in the process of compiling a list of races I’m aiming to participate in over the next couple of months, so keep yourselves posted…

First Race for 2009

First Race for 2009

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