Favourite Medal!!

This morning I dragged myself out of bed just after 5am with very ominous looking weather outside, to meet my friend Kyle and head over to Noordhoek for the 17km Satori Camel Run, a brand new race on the WP calendar.

Having serious second thoughts about heading out in the blustering wind and then having to deal with Kyle being a bit of a baby about the cold (ok he wasn’t the only one complaining), we headed over to the start at the Noordhoek sports field.

Waiting for the gun I was tapped on the shoulder and asked if I was the Reluctant Runner. This took me by surprise considering I only have one picture of myself on my entire blog. It seems my article (and blog post) in the Fishhoek newsletter about the 4 Hills for Lindsay comrades training run (after which I also mention camels – although of a different kind) was actually read and noted, and to be absolutely honest, I felt almost famous…

As for the race, it is magnificent with some off-road parts through the paddocks, on the beach and through the vineyards. I do have to note that there are 2 very nasty hills which actually cannot be run up, no matter how loud my music was it just wouldn’t motivate my legs to keep the pace, which I didn’t feel too bad about since I most definitely wasn’t the only one walking!!

I must also say that this race was extremely well organized even down to the little signs just before the water points, announcing that there was a water point coming up and of course the coconut covered date balls waiting at the end had me so excited I almost forgot to get my medal – which is probably one of my favourite to date (besides my Comrades one)…

I’d definitely put this race on my calendar for next year!!Satori Camel Run Medal

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