60 days, that’s 2 months today actually…

Put like that I get a funny feeling in the pit of my stomach, and my hands get all sweaty…


60 days to get my weekly mileage up to over 100km a week, AND taper it down again leading up to June 15th!!


60 days = 1 half marathon (this Sunday) + 1 full marathon (next Saturday) + 1 56km in May +1 flight + 2 shoes + 89km’s + 12 hours + LOTS OF SUPPORT!!


I think I’m going to have to stick my head between my legs for a while until it stops spinning…


Check out the Comrades Info I posted to shed some light on all the questions I’ve had about the race details.



I have also added PayPal information to make it easier to donate for those of you who live overseas and don’t have a South African Bank Account.



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