Confessions of a Runner

I have a small confession to make, it seems I’m suffering from writers and runners block…

For the past few months, trying to motivate myself to run has taken every trick in the book and trying to write about it has been even more difficult.  So today while on one of the best runs I’ve had in ages I decided to just have fun and stop putting so much pressure on myself.

Last year I remember having so much fun because everything was new, this year it definately feels like I’ve been there and done that which is certainly effecting my running and ultimately my writing.

So, in the interest of trying to rekindle the enjoyment I used to get out of running and writing, I’m confessing my feelings in the hope that it will get me out of the motivational doldrums I’ve been in…

Anyone else know what I’m talking about?


  1. Candice says:

    Mwaka we tell the same story my friend, you are so not alone!!!! I didn’t even go as far as to enlist the marshals (but then again I’m not running in extra cold weather) but I guess knowing that I’m raising money for a good cause is keeping me ticking over – PLUS someone from work is running his first Comrades so need to keep a brave face 😉
    Good luck to you and hope to see you at the start (or before for a power protein pre-comrades dinner)

    PS that invite goes out to any other Comrades runners out there, come and join us for dinner pre-race in Pietermaritzburg, send me an email or comment with MEMEME in it and I’ll make sure we have enough chairs at the dinner table!!

  2. Mwaka Kaonga says:

    Hey Candice, I hear you. I am struggling with my training for Big C #2. Last year I was a ball of energy, had motivation coming out of my ears. I run 67 km in a lonely park by mylonesome. I ran in -37degrees C. I was that pumped. This year I have nothing. So I went looking for tough love got some training buddies who are realy marshals, they take no prisoners and have no mercy. If the appt is at 5: am 10 min miles it is…I have not gotten my motivation back but I am putting in the training and soon I should be at the start line of the big C. Add to that I have hard glute issues sometimes I wonder if it’s my body being lazy. I have not run for a month. I just got back into it and my longest have been 45 min. This is not goot for the confindence bank.
    So all you virgin big Cs bottle your motivation and share it or save it for next year

  3. JOANNE says:

    Hey Candice

    I know just where you are coming from. Motivation seems to of left me for a while and I am struggling to catch a hold of it again 🙂

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