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On Wednesday last week I went to one of the Comrades Road Show talks – I went to one before the first Comrades I did and I found it quite interesting.  If you have one in your area then I’d urge you to attend, even if it is just for some motivation, if not then here are a few interesting facts they parted with:

  • The 2010 Comrades medal is 20mm bigger than the regular one (which still makes it the smallest medal I have) – if you aren’t sure what to do with another medal then make sure you read this.
  • The Guinness World Records guys will be out to see if we set a new one for ‘The Most People Running an Ultra Marathon’ – so you will be part of that record, what a great bragging opportunity!
  • Women traditionally only make up 18% of the field – so come on ladies, you know you can do it you grow human beings for heavens sake!!
  • 17% of the field won’t finish – so make sure you train your body with running and train your mind by reading Reluctant Runner 🙂
  • The average age in 2008 was 41 for Males and 40 for females – where are all the younger generations??  There are no excuses, I’m 28 and have a full-time job and I’m in a relationship (no kids but there are dogs, 2 of them) so get your bums into gear!!
  • Wally Hayward was 80 years and 10 months old when he completed his last Comrades Marathon – again, there are no excuses!!
  • If you fancy winning an entry  the Comrades association is giving away 10 free entries – all you have to do is sms 2010 to 38275, you can do this now before Novice entries open on November 1st.  Oh and sms’s cost R10 just to warn you.
The Comrades one is on the bottom left in the corner.

The Comrades Medal is on the bottom left in the corner.


  1. rusty funk says:


    This Comrades 2010 was my first and the food was excellent. Being from Chicago and this being my first overseas race I was a little nervous about this as well.

    The aid stations, however, far exceed my expectations! They had your traditional water and enerjade (SA version of Gatorade)along with bananas and oranges. There was no specific “gu” or “gel” stations but the support was more than enough with 47 official aid stations and plenty more fans offering snacks!

    One thing that they had that was unique was mini potatoes. At most of the stations in the back half they were offering heavily salted mini potatoes along with the other stuff. I personally did not try any only because I did not want to risk a food I never ate on a run before…so if you think you might enjoy this extra starch try it out in training.

    BTW this is the most amazing race in the world! I highly recommend you read up on its history (The Comrades Story by Morris Alexander is my favorite), train hard, and soak it up!!!!

  2. BrianFlash says:

    I attended a Comrade’s talk a couple weeks ago here in St. Louis. It was very informative, but I didn’t ask the key question. What food is available exactly during the race? Please share so that I can start training on eating the right stuff!

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