Comrades Marathon Race Summary

3:34am – my alarm goes off although I’m already awake, not nervous just awake and ready for my day on the road.

4:30am – we head off to the start which is a 10 minute walk from where we spent the night.  I have to find the guys from the study I am part of so that they can fit me with the equipment I have to carry for the race, to measure my core and skin temperature.

5:15am – finally all the equipment is fitted (a few more gadgets that what I’d planned for but I didn’t care), we head to our seeding gate only to find them closed and being pointed to the back of the 12 000 strong crowd, luckily someone had forced a gap in the gate which allowed my mom and I to sneak into the space between E and F seeding (I was meant to be in F anyway).

5:20am – Chariots of Fire gets played over the crowd, everyone is silent waiting for traditional rooster crow which is followed directly by the start gun

5:30am – we are off, it takes 6 minutes to run over the start line and timing mat

10 hours and 52 minutes later, I am running through Kingsmead stadium hand in hand with my friend Craig (an old friend who was doing the Comrades for the first time and who ran with me all the way) with the biggest smile on my face and goose bumps all over my body…

This is just a quick summary, I will go into more detail tomorrow I just wanted to let everyone know that I finished – it was gruelling for sure, 89km is never NOT going to be hard but I had a great day and came off lightly with no blisters (not like last year) although there was some chafing from all the equipment I carried (just a small price to pay considering that some people are still limping 2 days later).




  1. Justine says:

    Well Done Cands, Im super impressed with you lady!
    Jay and I are so proud of you!
    Keep up the great blogs, you have me in stitches!
    LOVE IT!!!!!!!

  2. Candice says:

    Thanks a mil Michael 🙂

  3. Michael says:

    What an inspiration Candice. Congratulations. That sort of distance leaves me speechless.

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