Comrades Marathon Lessons

The things I learned doing the 2009 Comrades Marathon:

  • This race doesn’t care how many training kilometres you have done, you either have a good day or a bad one – all you can do is make sure you get over that finish line.
  • You have to (and I’m not joking here guys) HAVE TO eat at every single table!!  Keeping yourself from falling below that critical blood sugar level is an ongoing process (I had bouts of nausea all the time) which will last the entire race and which you need to address as they occur.
  • The human spirit is stronger than muscle and bone and any kind of mental preparation.  If someone can finish the Comrades Marathon with a broken foot, a prosthetic limb, as a blind runner or someone suffering from a chronic diseases like Cerebral Palsy or Muscular Dystrophy – you can be assured that as a healthy, fit runner no matter how much pain you are in, there is something stronger at work that if you allow it, will carry you through to the end.
  • Physical fitness makes up 40% of this race, mental fitness makes up 40%, pure determination makes up 10% and a sense of humour 10% – Don’t fool yourself into thinking that being fit is the answer; you will fail if you do…

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