VERY Grateful!!!

If dynamite comes in small packages…. then here’s some more TNT!!!”

This quote accompanied a VERY generous donation from the team at Drive South Africa thank you, thank you – everyone will be receiving a big kiss from me when I get back, so WATCH OUT!!!!!

PS. These guys have contributed more to the cause than just money – some useful advice, good laughs, motivation and broad shoulders to lean on – Thanks Andre, Carla, Steve and Amanda I’ll be thinking of you guys on Sunday when my legs feel like they want to fall off…


  1. […] with all the details and information on how you can donate, so keep an eye out for that. Here and here are some of the creative pledges and donations people made last […]

  2. Ruth says:

    Hi – I’m new to your blog and just took a moment to find out about the Comrades Marathon . . . . WOW! I’m so impressed that you’ve trained for this. BEST of luck to you on race day. Have fun (easy for me to say) . . . I can’t wait to hear all about it.

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