Comrades Marathon 2010

Everyone interested in doing the Comrades Marathon in 2010, you need to pay attention to this!!

The Comrades Association has anticipated a huge influx of entries for the 2010 race.  It also happens to be the 85th Anniversary of the marathon and is being run as a ‘down run’ which the route originally followed.

The entry process has changed somewhat from previous years – if you have entered the race before, you have the privilege of pre-entry which started on September 1st and will go until October 31st with the entries capped at 15,000.

If you are a newbie, your chance to enter starts on November 1st and continues to November 30th OR until the limit of 5,000 entries is reached.

No entries will be taken in 2010!!

All of this is why I sent my entry in on Monday 😉  Now I know I said I was going to give it a break with this kind of running for a while but what happens if I change my mind next year and then can’t enter – confined to being a spectator at the Ultimate Human Race – I think NOT!!

Get your entries in, the counter is sitting at 4,541 just 10 days into the entry process!!

Here is a little inspiration for those of you sitting on the fence


  1. Cands says:

    Woo hoo, make sure you get in there early on November 1st!!

  2. BrianFlash says:

    My brother and I will be online November 1st to try and get in as first time neophytes! As long as I can talk him into it.

    We’re going to a presentation in two weeks given by a local guy who finished under 7:30 in this year’s race. He’s going to talk about the race, logistics, etc.

    The anticipation is already starting the slow build!

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