Comrades Entry Extension

Big news!!  I’ve just got an email from the Comrades people to say that for the first time in history they will be extending the closing date for entries.  For those of you who weren’t aware, the closing date was March 31st but according to the Comrades people they were inundated with calls and emails begging for it to be extended.  Apparently there was a rumour going around that the marathon was cancelled (I didn’t even hear about it so it couldn’t have been a very successful rumour) and so there were some people who didn’t send their entries in.

Tsk, Tsk (say I with my nose in the air – although I only entered last Friday so I’m only doing this because if my mom hadn’t reminded me I would have probably been one of those people on bended knee 😉

So, if you were hoping that you could use the closing of entries as your excuse to NOT run – think again and just enter!!!!!!  I promise you won’t regret it (well perhaps right after but given a few days you’ll be planning the next one!!


Don't Miss the Boat... er Plane

Don't Miss the Boat... er Plane

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