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I know we have just recovered from the frenzy that surrounded signing up for the 2010 Comrades but today I’m here to tell you that you need to start thinking about accommodation for the night before the race and the night after.

For those of you who don’t really know the lay of the land in Pietermaritzburg and Durban, you need to have a look at a map or ask someone who does (yes, yes you can ask me) so that you can start planning.

There are 2 options here:

  • Stay in Pietermaritzburg the night before the race and in Durban after, OR
  • Stay in Durban the night before and catch one of the organized buses to Pietermaritzburg on race day

There are a few logistical problems associated with each option – in Maritzburg the Royal Show is on the same weekend as the Comrades, so accommodation is already hard to come by.
If you stay in Durban, the buses to Pietermaritzburg leave horribly early – like 3am kind of early – which makes the already challenging day very, very long.

Luckily my mom is super organized and has already sorted out accommodation for us in Pietermaritzburg, I would suggest those of you who would like to stay as close to the starting line as possible, start looking NOW!  Have a look on the Maritzburg tourism website and see what they have listed.

If you would prefer staying in Durban I would suggest you figure out where the pick-up points of the buses will be so that you don’t have to stress about getting there on time – I can guarantee you that the less stressful you make your morning, the better the start to your day!

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  1. Paul says:

    Hi Kerry

    Are u still looking for accommodation for Comrades. If so let me know.


  2. kerry says:

    Hi, can you recommend any good accomodation close to the PMB start? Anything decent within easy walking distance? First timer and have never been to PMB before.

  3. Cands says:

    Hi Brian, what we usually do is pick up our registration packs in Durban and then drive up to Maritzburg. My dad enjoys meeting us along the way on race day (or at least he has no choice in the matter 🙂 which makes this arrangement possible.
    I think it is up to you guys to decide how much stress is going to play and how well you are able to deal with it – personally I would probably go through a whole bottle of Rescue Remedy on the trip up, so I’d rather get an extra hour sleep before the stressing begins 🙂

  4. BrianFlash says:

    It appeared to me that all international runners needed to register and pick up our packets in Durban, so we made reservations with what appears to be a lovely little B & B in the Berea area ( It is about four miles from the bus pickup point and the finishing stadium – some cab driver or one of our wives is going to be up VERY early on Sunday to drive us over there. 😉

    I think we’re fairly committed to this place but if you have any inside knowledge I’d appreciate it!

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