Comrades 2010 – Keeping Track

Just 3 days until 20 500 runners take to the streets of Pietermaritzburg, and make their way down to Durban.  If you are an avid fan who will be watching SABC 2 from 5am on Sunday, keeping your eyes peeled for anyone you know who may be running, then good for you!!  If you have some friends running but have better things to do on Sunday then you shall be forgiven, but let this go down in the annals of history – that you had other things to do while WE ran flor whatever cause (our own included 🙂

There are ways in which you can actually be updated with your runners progress throughout the day!  If you SMS the race number of the runner concerned to 38132, you will get an update of the runners time and where on the course they are at that stage, sent right to your phone.  These SMS’ cost R10 of which most of it goes to charity.

If you would like to keep track of me, my race number is 43099.  For those of you who need more details you can call my dad (aka Worlds Best Second)  or you can leave me a message on my phone and I’ll call you back when I’m done.  I will hopefully have someone updating my Twitter account with my times if anyone prefers that medium of communication 🙂

I think that covers it…

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  1. Goodluck to you my friend! I will be looking forward for more updates from you. Hear you soon 🙂

  2. Cands says:

    Ha, I knew you might have something to say about that Ryan…

  3. ryan says:

    Good luck! It’s going to be an amazing experience with so many runners coupled with world cup fever and patriotism. There is nothing like comrades and this year will be even more so. Wish i was there! I will ignore the worlds best second reference in this posting.

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