Cape Town Marathon – Post Race Dissection

6:30am on Sunday I found myself in a crowd of runners, getting my mind into gear to run 42.2km in the Cape Town Marathon.  Standing with my friends Nicola and Jess who were running their first marathon, I realized how far I have come since my first in February. 

I felt fabulous the whole way, except when a very angry looking marshal yelled at me for wearing my iPod – this put me in a bit of a rage, I’ve heard some talk about banning MP3’s and iPods from running races but if they are going to do that then they had better ban all the supplements and energy packs people consume on the way – all of which do the same thing as music by giving runners the energy and motivation to keep going , especially on longer races (I will be talking more about this when I get feedback on what the rules are in this regard).  Needless to say as soon as the marshal (with his red little face) was nowhere to be seen, I promptly put my iPod back on…

Bettering my time by almost 20 minutes, I came in at 4:12 – qualifying for next year’s Comrades Marathon and Two Oceans (should I choose to do them…).

I want to say thanks to my mom for meeting me along the way with potatoes and much appreciated support – also to my usual trusty seconds, Nicolene and Jeanene and the surprise appearances of Carla, Tammy, Amanda, Steve and Nathan – it means so much to me that so many people made the effort – thanks a mil guys!!

Oh and well done Nicola and Jess on finishing your first marathon – hope to see you guys on more in the future and to Anne who ran the last 4km with me, thanks for distracting me from the gigantic blister on my foot and aching legs – I hope I can return the favour one day!

Running on the Promenade

Running on the Promenade - 5km to go

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  1. Ann Easton says:


    I did not know it was the blister that I was distracting you from!! And by the way you did return the favour as we ran that last 4 kms just chatting and made them fly past (relatively speaking).

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