An Idea’s Girl

I don’t have to tell everyone how time consuming all this running is…


An upside is that I have a lot of time alone on the road to think (running has turned out to be quite meditative for me), I have surprised myself at the amount of constructive thinking I’ve managed to do.   For most of us quiet time is a luxury that can’t be afforded or that is avoided at all cost, depending on how brave you are with regards to facing your issues.


Now my friends know me as a bit of an idea’s girl (I maintain that all ideas should be aired, no matter how stupid or invalid they may sound), and have succeeded in coming up with a pretty good one which will yet again, help motivate me.


I would like to use the fact that I have decided to take this gigantic task of going from a non-runner to a Comrades participant – in less than a year – and use it for something worthwhile.

Initially I was just going to circulate my idea amongst my friends, but since I’ve got this blog up and running (another amazing thing considering I’m not the most technologically advanced individual), why not open it to the world!!


Stay tuned for my idea (I’m ironing out the finer details), it’s a keeper!!




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