My name is Candice Winterboer, in June 2008 I was watching my mom compete in what is known as the “Ultimate Human Challenge” (she was 49 and I was 27), in my excitement as she came over the finish line and as I was watching the other people who were in less than peak physical condition coming in – I happened to blurt out that if fat and old people could do this race, then there was no reason why I couldn’t…

Of course the permanent race number, running shoes and kit arrived promptly  (thanks to my mom being very excited that one of her off-spring would be interested in running) and I started taking steps – although slow ones – towards getting my body into shape for this 89km / 56 mile race.

Completing my first half marathon 7 months before the 2009 Comrades Marathon, my first full marathon 4 months before and my first 56km race 1 month before the big day, I proved to myself and every other sceptic that you can – in fact go from not even owning a pair of running shoes to competing in an Ultra marathon – and completing it I might add.

Starting this blog to motivate myself in the months leading up to the race, I now no longer need as much motivation to get out there and run.  I have however discovered that there are others who need the motivation and this is where I’d like the focus of Reluctant Runner to turn.

This blog will be a candid, somewhat humorous resource of what can be expected along the way of becoming a runner.  No topic is taboo for me to discuss as I believe the more information you have, the better you can prepare.  So join me in discussing and discovering what your body is capable of doing, when your mind is in the right place and finding out what you can do, if it isn’t…

If you are a new runner and have any questions then you can leave a comment here or you can email me on reluctantrunners @ gmail.com

Up Close and Personal

Up Close and Personal


  1. Ben says:

    Greatest respect

  2. Steve (Sheriff Steve) says:

    Gorgeous, you are well and truly the most insane person I have ever met. When I went through the Police Academy we had to do a lot of running. That is when my running days ended.

    Sounds like a good cause though so you’ve got at least one supporter on this side of the world!

  3. Will Theron says:

    You Go Girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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