8 Things you can do with your race medals

  1. Re-gift: It is a recession after all… Just remember that the karmic wheel is small, what goes around comes around…
  2. Diving weights: they even come with a handy ribbon to go around your neck, or just stuff into pockets for the desired effect.
  3. Ornamental Display: This can be used as a conversation starter, although you have to take note of who you bore to death with your running tales, or expect a sharp decline in friends!
  4. Use as a weapon: If you take the biggest medal (I have a pretty big and heavy one, complete with the profile of table mountain on it) and keep it in a handy place, when an intruder strikes, swing said medal above the head until desired momentum is achieved (you may yell here like the Highlanders used to) and aim for the head. Beware; this could lead to imprints of whatever medal you have used, so try not to do it as a joke…
  5. Table Stabilizers: When you have a table that rocks because it is on an uneven surface, use a medal – not as cheap looking as a piece of cardboard and can double up as #3
  6. Tooth Mouse/Fairy gifts: Again in keeping with #1, the alternative to money is sitting right there in front of you. Note: you might have to explain to Junior why he can’t put it in his piggy bank for the iPod he’s been saving up for.
  7. Pocket Money: Times are tough and you put in many hours and hard work for that medal, it is as valuable as money (in your mind anyway).
  8. Accessorise: My medals come in all shapes and sizes, you could start a new trend and pare a medal up with an outfit – see how the people in the office react. Note: again could be coupled with #3, especially if there were people at work who didn’t even know about that run where you got a cramp 30 minutes into the race and then needed a number 2 after 45 minutes…
My Medals

My Medals

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