2011 Knysna Marathon Entries

On your marks…

Get set…

Ok, don’t go just yet the entries only open on the 1st of March this year so make sure you diarise that date and enter on the day if you plan on doing the half marathon.

The Knysna half marathon has become such a popular race that if you snooze you will literally not get an entry, so make sure you set a reminder for yourself.  You can find out more information off of the event website here.

If however you don’t want to rush then do the marathon with me 🙂  We can basically enter the day before (don’t take my word for this) because although this is said to be one of the most beautiful marathons, it is also rather hilly so as you can imagine, not many takers.  I am of course doing it because I’ve been threatening to for ages now so this is the year.

The race is only on the 9th of July so you have ample time to get into shape!!

Here is the half marathon profile for those who want to do the race:

Knysna half marathon

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