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Running Challenges

For the past little while I have been writing about trail running and how I would like to get into it a bit more – well it seems I prefer the deep end of things (a little like how I got into running the Comrades in the first place) and have been entered into the African X, a 3 day trail run here in the Western Cape.

My mom and Linda actually did it together last year.  You have to enter as a team of 2, making sure you are always within sight of each other.  This is the first race of it’s kind apparently, where runners start and end in the same place every day – namely in Kleinmond.  The trail takes you into the exquisite Kogelberg mountains with each day bringing new challenges from beach running to steep and technical inclines.

Day 1:  25km with  538m of climbing.


Day 2:  42kmwith 886m of climbing


Day 3:  22km  with a 287m climb


So as you can see this is going to be a pretty spectacular run, especially considering I’ve never gone further than 16km on a trail run before 🙂

Luckily I have until May next year to get my 4 X 4 gear into shape and to make sure that I keep my mom (my team-mate) in my sight the whole way…  Don’t you love a new challenge??

Helderberg Mountain Challenge

I have just received the details of a new race in my inbox – the Helderberg Mountain Challenge on September 25th!

This doesn’t look like it is for the the faint hearted, with an 875m climb in around 9km’s, this 15.5km trail run is quite technical and follows  jeep tracks,  hiking trails and there is even a rock hopping section for you mountain goats.

If you  would prefer to remain injury free 🙂 there is an 11.5km trail run which sticks to the lower slopes of the Helderberg range and isn’t as technical as the other one.

For more information on what sounds like an awesome run, check it out here and make sure you enter!

Route and Profile

Route and Profile

Cape Point Half Marathon

There is a new race on the Western Cape road running calendar this year and I think this one might be right up there on my list of  “Must do Races”.  It is a half marathon in the Cape Point Nature Reserve – it’s not a trail run because you actually run along the road which meanders through the reserve,  past the actual Cape Point and ends at the Buffelsbaai tidal pool.

Cape Point towards the Atlantic

Cape Point towards the Atlantic

The race is on November 14th so make sure you enter now, it is  quite expensive at R295 but well worth it.  The race entry fee includes the park fees so make a day of it and enjoy this beautiful park.

Cape Point from the Lighthouse

Cape Point from the Lighthouse

Modern Athlete Article

For those of you who don’t know Modern Athlete, it is a newish running mag which has come out in competition to Runners World.  To be totally honest I’m not a Runners World fan – the airbrushed perfect people on the cover make me feel like a troll and I find the articles too technical.  Of course I think it is a good magazine (based on the number of people who rave about it), I obviously just fall outside of their target market.

At this stage Modern Athlete isn’t a glossy mag yet but you can subscribe and I read it online because it’s just easier for me.  What really got me going this month was the fact that one of my friends Julie has her story in there…  Julie and I  have finished a number of races together – we also ran the Comrades together this year, so we know each others lives pretty well at this stage given that we have had ample time to swap stories – but reading her story again gave me the same feeling of intense motivation as the first time I heard it, so I would like to share it here with you.

Here is the link to the story, you have to sign up to be able to read it but it is worth the extra 3 minutes 🙂

Julie and Me

Julie and Me

Natural Running

This video made me laugh out loud!  Anyone in for some natural running??

I especially like the suntan lotion application method 🙂

Comrades 2011 Entries Open

For those of you wanting to enter the Comrades Marathon for next year, entries open today September 1st and close on November 30th, or until the maximum number of runners, which is 18 000, has been reached.

I would suggest entering just in case you decide you might want to do it – or just enter and then you have to do it because you have paid 🙂

(Jo I’m speaking to you my friend!!)