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New Running Shoe Nightmares

Who freaks out every time they have to buy new running shoes?

I can see virtual hands going up all over the place because I know I’m not alone, not by a long shot…

It became evident after/during the Two Oceans a few weekends back that I was in desperate need of new shoes (and no this is not an excuse for my performance).  The shoes I have now are almost exactly a year old, having realised at the same time last year that the shoes I had then, New Balance Pronation shoes were way past their shelf life (even though it was premature in my opinion).  So I’m no stranger at getting new shoes 7 weeks before the Comrades, hell last year I even changed brands which did give me a few sleepless nights in the decision making process.  Luckily my new shoes never gave me a moments trouble, which given the circumstances was very fortunate.

This time around I had been advised by my biokineticist that I should try a slightly lower pronation shoe to what I had – to be fair she did tell me this last year November.  Yesterday I was faced with the dilema, do I buy the shoe I have never had issues with or do I listen to the professional and make the change to a different model?    Luckily being paralysed by indecision is something I am familiar with so after umming and aahing for a while I took the different model.

Running in them yesterday felt a bit strange.  I could feel rubbing on the inside of my foot – the type that would get rather unpleasant on a long run of lets say for example, 89km.  They also didn’t really match my outfit which had me thinking twice about the decision I’d made.  Today I called my biokineticist and she heard my sob story which really boils down to the fact that buying new shoes is always a cause of anxiety for me and she suggested I go with the old style shoe given that I’d only woken up to the fact that I needed new shoes at such a late stage in the training game.

So, this afternoon I sit with my new Asics 2150’s feeling much more comfortable.  I’m taking them out for a test-drive later but something tells me that I think they will be just fine.  And you know, I don’t even feel bad for having new shoe anxiety, my mom loses 8/10 toe nails every time she does a long race – no wonder I’m a little paranoid…

Asics GT-2150

About Tapering…

I would not suggest that anyone out there tapers too soon for a race – I thought that my ‘taper’ (read:  Thailand holiday) 15 days before the Two Oceans would still leave me fully prepared for the 56km route, I was wrong…

Ok, ok so I knew I’d take some strain having only put in 30 minutes of running the whole time I was away, I  was banking on the fact that we did quite a bit of walking and that lugging my backpack around must have counted for something – right?  Wrong!!  At least now that research has been done 🙂

As predicted I did battle but only towards the end.  I ran the whole way with a fellow club memeber, Jason who was doing a trial for Rockport and wearing dress shoes…  Yes, you read correctly – he had dress shoes on but their soles were designed by Adidas so they weren’t too uncomfortable.  This provided me with an excuse to take it easy towards the end where the only words which came out my and Jason’s mouths were complaints about being sore or tired or went along the lines of ‘Why the hell do we do this to ourselves?’  Anyway all those things faded into nothingness once we finally managed to reach the end and ran into the packed stadium, behind the guy with a prosthetic leg and the Old Mutual Worm which is a group of guys who run the entire way together dressed as a worm, literally.

6:18 isn’t a bad time considering the circumstances and I’m happy that I made it in the 7 hour cut-off.  I’m going to have to put in some quality training before the Comrades to make sure I don’t end up boring everyone around me with my complaints on the day, so I’ll keep you updated on what the next few weeks hold for me.

Oh and thanks Jason for keeping me company the whole race, I think I would have probably died of boredom before getting to the end if I’d run on my own…

Old Mutual Worm

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Two Oceans Countdown

In 10 hours I’ll be running the Two Oceans Ultra Marathon with very little training and really just grateful that I’m back in South Africa to do it.  I have just been on holiday in Thailand so training was negligible with temperatures over 40 degrees C and 100% humidity.  I did try and run which counts for something right??

On the way home we managed to get stranded in Hong Kong when Cathay Pacific kept bumping my friend and I off the flight home, resulting in us buying another way home which included a 23 hour plane journey…

So, at 5am tomorrow morning my dad will drop my mom and I at the start line.  I’m planning to finish in around 6 hours although just to finish would be great 🙂

Good luck to everyone doing the race, Ann please make sure you step OVER those reflectors in the road and Julie, I’ll look for you at the start.

Two Oceans