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The Peninsula Marathon

Yesterday saw me on yet another starting line, for my 3rd marathon to date.  For those of you who have been with me from the start, my début marathon was on the Peninsula 42.2km so I was really looking forward to this.  Unfortunately they changed the course route from one which had it labelled as the “Fastest Marathon in Africa” to I don’t know what, but I’m sure I wouldn’t be able to write it here without a PG rating.

I started with an old running partner Micheal aka “Old Faithful” aka “Too-Old-To-Attend-Raves-But-Doesn’t-Know-It-Yet”, we had a fabulous 19km together which consisted of him complaining about the route and his splits and his cold and me telling him to man-up, and unfortunately the fun had to end when I needed a pit stop and told him to go on ahead.

Half way up Red Hill, with my iPod doing damage to my inner ear, I was tapped on the shoulder by another runner who clearly wanted to chat to help make the hill go by quickly.  Chatting to runners like this can be a bit of a gamble, some make you regret ever taking your earphones out to contribute to the conversation while others result in a friendship that is carried from one race to another.  On this occasion I struck it lucky with Christopher from Atlantic AC who had me laughing in no time.  The top of the hill came very swiftly where we were caught by a fellow Atlantic club member Adrie (if I’ve spelled it wrong I’m really sorry) who very enthusiastically contributed to our conversation as to why sunglasses get fogged up when you run (I’m not going to divulge our theory here because it was fuelled by 23km of running and an almost certain sugar low).

For 10km the 3 of us laughed and theorized and shared running tales until Adrie and I got our second wind and broke away from the pack, running together until the 37km mark where all the potatoes I’d eaten along the way finally resulted in a surge of energy and I set off to finish in 4:21 (sprinting at the very end which makes me think I really should have tried harder during the race).

I haven’t enjoyed a race like this for ages and I want to say thanks to Michael, Chris and Adrie for running with me.  I also want to thank my trusty seconds Nicolene, Jeanene and Mary for being there with food and encouragement along the route.

Oh and I almost forgot, for the first part of the race I was lucky enough to be in the vicinity of the 9 times Comrades Marathon winner Bruce Fordyce, who I might add is a barrel of laughs and an inspiration to any runner!

The Peninsula Marathon

The Peninsula Marathon

Running Sunday!

With the Peninsula Marathon on Sunday I am being haunted by the usual suspects:

  • Nerves
  • Paranoia over my runny nose
  • Doubt as to whether I’ve put enough training in
  • Bloating which is the by-product of my carbo-load supplement

I seem to be firm friends with this list but I know I’m not alone.  What are the few things you battle with before a big race?


Running Route Series

Out running the other day I had a little moment of intense gratitude for how incredibly beautiful most of my running routes are.  I usually keep within Cape Town city limits since I run after work and don’t want to have to fight my way through traffic, but even that fact doesn’t diminish that I get to surround myself in some of the most beautiful scenery our country has to offer, every day!

Now because I like sharing I am going to do a series on my favourite running routes, let me know what you guys think – if you have similarly spectacular routes or just how jealous you are…


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Why Running on the Treadmill is still Considered Training…

I do some of my training on a treadmill at the gym.  This fact has been met with some resistance and so I decided to share my views on why, in my running program, treadmill training is still considered valuable:

  1. For those of you not familiar with Cape Town, we can experience some pretty hectic weather here at times.  Winters can be wet and stormy and with this picture taken on my favourite running route, I don’t think I need to explain why a treadmill, safely tucked away in a gym, is the better option…
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100 Days and Counting…

I’ve just received the February Comrades Marathon Newsletter and the opening sentence looked like this:

100 Days to Go!!

This got my pulse racing, so I went over to the Comrades Marathon website to punish myself a little more with their little clock ticker thingy, and guess what…??

I have 99 days

12 hours, and

37 minutes (as of me writing this post – in a cold sweat)

And in 99 days I have 1 marathon, 1 Ultra (56km) marathon and 4 smaller races!!

It feels like this race has just snuck up on me, I had better start getting serious about this now – I mean I don’t feel like I have put in half as much as last year.

Rescue Remedy where are you!!!

Kloof Neck Classic – 2009

Last year when I did this race I distinctly remember walking a lot, cursing the race a lot and hurting a lot in the days which followed.  This year, although not a leisurely walk in the park, it seemed to go by in a flash with very little cursing or walking and as for hurting – the sunburn I got after the race did more damage than the actual race itself…

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