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New Running Shoes

The mention of new running shoes has sent me into intense procrastination mode over the past few weeks. I knew I was due for a new pair after the Comrades Marathon but I just couldn’t bring myself to even think about replacing my ol’faithful New Balance Pronation shoes.

Common sense would say just go with the same make and brand, but back in April when I went to the Orthopedic surgeon for a knee injury (not acquired through running – unfortunately) he had said I should get neutral shoes.

So, having slight pangs of anxiety about paying for new shoes and having them not work for me – developing some injury in the process of wearing them in, I decided to head to the New Balance store in Access Park where they test your running and recommend shoes, this is also the place I’d bought my first pair of shoes (in November last year – hard to think I’ve done 1 000km since then), which I also brought in for them to have a look at.

After explaining the whole story to the guy helping me, he made me put on neutral shoes and have a quick run (in the shop, pretty random considering I wasn’t really dressed for the occasion).  Apparently my right foot goes off on its own mission before it strikes the ground, which I’ve seen on various race pictures (please take note of good vs bad photography) , but just conveniently ignored.

About an hour later (and a few more km clocked on the treadmill in the shop), I walked out – huge grin on my face, clutching my new pair of shoes – the same make and brand as my old ones, just a newer model and a different colour.

I know my mom has had some pretty horrid stories regarding shoes and 8/10 toenails falling off – I’m sure there are more out there – let me know I’d love to hear them…

Cape Town Marathon – Post Race Dissection

6:30am on Sunday I found myself in a crowd of runners, getting my mind into gear to run 42.2km in the Cape Town Marathon.  Standing with my friends Nicola and Jess who were running their first marathon, I realized how far I have come since my first in February. 

I felt fabulous the whole way, except when a very angry looking marshal yelled at me for wearing my iPod – this put me in a bit of a rage, I’ve heard some talk about banning MP3’s and iPods from running races but if they are going to do that then they had better ban all the supplements and energy packs people consume on the way – all of which do the same thing as music by giving runners the energy and motivation to keep going , especially on longer races (I will be talking more about this when I get feedback on what the rules are in this regard).  Needless to say as soon as the marshal (with his red little face) was nowhere to be seen, I promptly put my iPod back on…

Bettering my time by almost 20 minutes, I came in at 4:12 – qualifying for next year’s Comrades Marathon and Two Oceans (should I choose to do them…).

I want to say thanks to my mom for meeting me along the way with potatoes and much appreciated support – also to my usual trusty seconds, Nicolene and Jeanene and the surprise appearances of Carla, Tammy, Amanda, Steve and Nathan – it means so much to me that so many people made the effort – thanks a mil guys!!

Oh and well done Nicola and Jess on finishing your first marathon – hope to see you guys on more in the future and to Anne who ran the last 4km with me, thanks for distracting me from the gigantic blister on my foot and aching legs – I hope I can return the favour one day!

Running on the Promenade

Running on the Promenade - 5km to go

Running Nerves

I’m going to need everyone to send me good vibes tomorrow morning, starting at 6:30am!!  You can stop at around 11:00 which is when I should be finished running the 42.2km Cape Town Marathon

Somewhat unprepared in that I haven’t done any long races since Knysna,  although more fit since the first marathon I did back in February – I’m still nervous and am hoping that my legs remember the 89km Comrades Marathon.

My mom will be seconding me on the route for the first time which I’m really excited about,  my aim when I signed up for this race was to better my  first marathon  time of 4 hours and 30 minutes (my only marathon coming to think of it) and try bring it to as close to 4 hours as possible.

I’ll give you the race rundown on Monday probably, oh and if you are in the Cape Town area tomorrow morning look out for me – my black skirt and top with a green crocodile across my chest is pretty hard to miss!!

New Runners!!

Last night one of my friends Erin (who also happens to be a trusty second) announced that she would like to do a half marathon (and she was sober).  The one she has decided to call her debut will be the Two Oceans Half of which I’m doing the 56km Ultra.  Erin’s dad is breaking out his running shoes and wants his daughter to accompany him, which sounds extremely familiar

This is said to be one of the most beautiful races on the South African racing calendar and next year is the 40th year that the Two Oceans Marathon  will be held – so a great starting point for Erin.

I am thrilled that she has decided to do this and I have decided to take on the job of main motivator – which is one of the reasons I started this blog in the first place.  I’ll keep everyone in the loop as to how Erin is doing, we have 5 months to whip her into half marathon running shape and the prospect of wielding the whip is mildly exciting for me…

Anyone else interested in joining Erin on her little adventure into the running world let me know – I promise to be kind 😉

Favourite Medal!!

This morning I dragged myself out of bed just after 5am with very ominous looking weather outside, to meet my friend Kyle and head over to Noordhoek for the 17km Satori Camel Run, a brand new race on the WP calendar.

Having serious second thoughts about heading out in the blustering wind and then having to deal with Kyle being a bit of a baby about the cold (ok he wasn’t the only one complaining), we headed over to the start at the Noordhoek sports field.

Waiting for the gun I was tapped on the shoulder and asked if I was the Reluctant Runner. This took me by surprise considering I only have one picture of myself on my entire blog. It seems my article (and blog post) in the Fishhoek newsletter about the 4 Hills for Lindsay comrades training run (after which I also mention camels – although of a different kind) was actually read and noted, and to be absolutely honest, I felt almost famous…

As for the race, it is magnificent with some off-road parts through the paddocks, on the beach and through the vineyards. I do have to note that there are 2 very nasty hills which actually cannot be run up, no matter how loud my music was it just wouldn’t motivate my legs to keep the pace, which I didn’t feel too bad about since I most definitely wasn’t the only one walking!!

I must also say that this race was extremely well organized even down to the little signs just before the water points, announcing that there was a water point coming up and of course the coconut covered date balls waiting at the end had me so excited I almost forgot to get my medal – which is probably one of my favourite to date (besides my Comrades one)…

I’d definitely put this race on my calendar for next year!!Satori Camel Run Medal

Running Suppliment follow-up

I’ve had some awesome response to my post about trying to maintain my weight while training for the Cape Town Marathon, and I just had to share the one comment a friend sent on Skype. Apparently the same happens to him when his head seems too big for his body, and in his words he ends up looking like “an orange on a toothpick”…

I couldn’t stop laughing AND I was at work which made stifling said laughter a must!

As for the supplements I’m trying out a product called “Nutribalance Complete” which has loads of protein and all the vitamins etc that are supposed to make up a complete diet (it is also delicious). So far so good, I will keep you updated on how it is working for me.

I have included the link for EAS Myoplex products which were suggested in the comment from Erik (I want to call him Mr Vermeulen – he used to be one of my high school teachers – but at 27 years old I’m sure first names are more than appropriate…)