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Running Suppliments

Last night after my run I was informed that I was getting too skinny.  This is a normal thing, it seems, when I step up the training I lose a few kilo’s until I manage to balance my eating and training out again.
Now for those of you who don’t know me, I am pretty small already so losing more weight makes me look like a pre-pubescent boy…

Another tell tale sign that it is time to crack out the cooked meals twice a day is  the fact that my neck seems to get all skinny making my head look too big for my body (my friends hold nothing back).
When I was training for the Comrades Marathon, I just put it down to being normal for the distances that I was covering and that since running was a temporary thing for me at that stage, I didn’t really bother too much about all the disappearing weight.

I am however a little more concerned about it now, since running has become a more permanent feature and my health is very important to me.

Logistically eating the amount of food to balance out the training would require me spending a lot more time in front of the stove (sub-optimal), and I just can’t physically put that much food into my stomach.

So, meal replacements (along with what I am currently eating) seem like the way forward.  To be honest I’ve never tried any of these supplements before, having only ever taken Protein when I was delving into the vegetarian world.

I have been recommended a few brands and am keen to try a few others out, but I’m opening this to all of you – any ideas as to what I should take or what works for you would be greatly appreciated!!

Reluctant Runner has a New Challenge…

Quick Note:

Ok everyone, so I’m still trying to find the balance with my new job, running, blogging and the other things that make my life worth living – so bare with me (and the infrequent posts) until I have the balance back!!

So I have a new challenge!! 

The Cape Town Marathon (42.2km) is on Sunday, September 21st.   Plus I have an added twist to motivate me (don’t worry I won’t be asking for money again – this time:)

Going back to the very beginning of my running career – all the way back to a year ago when I decided I might kind of like to run an ultra marathon – one of the first people I voiced my kind-of wish to, was my friend Andre who basically laughed in my face (to be fair he wasn’t the only one) although he did try to mask it with a bit of a snort and a raised eyebrow (again to be fair, he was one of the supportive SMS senders and contributors, but I can tell you that first response is what initially spurred me to get on the road).

Now, Andre is also running the Cape Town Marathon and although I will never compete with him on time (his last marathon was done in 3:30, just a whole HOUR faster than my best marathon time), he has decided to share his Google training calendar with me, which I can use to log my training on – along with his, so we can kind of compare who is doing what and how often.

Why is this motivating for me??

Well I think if I had someone to compare my training with, I might actually be more motivated to train a little harder because let’s face it, my training programme for the Comrades went something like this:
“Do I feel like running today?”
“Ok, well if I walk really fast from my car to my apartment – which counts right?”

Which is NOT the best tactic when training for an 89km race!!!??

So, in the weeks to come I will be logging my efforts next to Andre’s (he already has his training programme all worked out – and he is the type of person who will stick to it too) which will hopefully spur me into pushing myself a little, plus it would be fun doing this with someone who was there from the start…

I wonder if I should set a finish time now, or wait to see how much training I’ve done…?