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Keeping Track…

People have been asking how they would be able to follow my progress during the Comrades Marathon on June 15th.  Up until now I’ve had a few ideas, none of which I’ve implemented in my endeavor to forget that I am running uphill for 89km’s in 3 weeks time.  Unfortunately (or fortunately) in my quiet time this weekend I realized my “ostrich approach” isn’t going to work anymore and so here is what I’ve come up with:


Option 1:  You can sms my race number (43099) to 38337.  This gives you 5 updates on my progress throughout the race – it costs R10 so just a heads up on that…


Option 2:  I am going to try and school my trusty second (commonly known as DAD) on how to upload short video clips onto my blog, so that every 21km’s or so you will get a personal update from yours truly…


Option 3:  You can call my trusty second and find out verbally what is going on although unless you are a close friend or family this wouldn’t apply to you


Option 4:  You can sit glued to your TV on Sunday, June 15th and watch the entire Comrades Marathon from 5:30 in the morning and hope to spot me in the 13 000 or so other runners…


You get to decide which option is the best for you, if you have any ideas of your own let me know, I’m looking at this thing full in the face at the moment and I’m open to suggestions.

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Yesterday I met with Andy from, this is the site I’m using to allow all my international fans to donate, if they wish to of course…

When I left I was hit (it felt quite literally) with the realization of what I was doing!


Yes, over the months I’ve had people telling me that I’m crazy and that our bodies aren’t made for stuff like this, I’ve had tons of positive feedback too hovering around motivational and inspiring but I have always received these comments with no more than a shrug and a smile, putting them out of my mind almost immediately. 

However after chatting with Andy yesterday, for whatever reason (I think it might be my meditation practice that I’ve taken up again), I didn’t shrug off what was said (all positive by the way) and for the first time examined exactly what it is I will be doing in 23 days time:




  • for between 10 and 11 hours – uphill most of the way. 
  • with my mom at my side, and in the name of a mom who isn’t here anymore (physically anyway)
  • with almost certain pain
  • trying to keep the shouting in my mind at bay, over how much further I CAN actually push my body
  • for Reach For Recovery to help more breast cancer survivors adjust to the upheaval of going through the trauma of this sickness
  • to prove to myself that anything is possible if I put my mind to it


Any suggestions on how to kill, or at least paralyze the Kamakazi butterflies zooming around my tummy, would be greatly appreciated…



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I read a study a couple of years back that proved if you were a single woman living in Cape Town, you had more chance of being run over by a bus than being married once you hit 30, this does not make me happy at all considering I am approaching 30 at what seems like warp speed.

Armed with this knowledge, along with the fact that I think my legs are too short to pull off shorts, has led me to explore other types of running attire since I believe there is no excuse to NOT look decent, even if you are running 89km’s.

Discovering the tennis skirt (from my days working at a tennis centre in New Hampshire, USA) I haven’t looked back, it really is the most perfect piece of clothing with built in shorts and a feminine yet sporty skirt hiding any unsightly sweat, wobbly bits and the notorious Moose-knuckle or Camel-toe.

This being South Africa, I have had a few strange glances at my skirt (no doubt by those already married) but for the most part the response has been very positive, I’ve even started spotting other skirt wearers, so it seems I’m setting a new trend.

Now if only we could educate the guys who take the race photo’s to make sure the shot is of us in mid-air and not as we strike the ground, making our knees look like Shar Pei puppies and our thighs like tapioca pudding…


A month to go and counting…

Today in exactly a month I will be running the Comrades Marathon.  I should actually be about half-way at the time that I am writing this, GO ME!!


30 days, 15 hours and 56 minutes to the shooting of the starters gun outside the City Hall in Durban, “Chariots of Fire” pealing out over the crowd of around15 000 runners.

When I was a little girl (ok I’m still little, but YOUNGER), I remember waking up early and watching the start on TV, over the last few years I haven’t been as enthusiastic but I have still tuned in to the race at least a couple of times during the day to see the progress of the runners.  This has made me think of ways to keep all you guys in the loop as far as my progress goes, so stay tuned to see what I’ve managed to come up with.


I’m also delighted to inform everyone that more donations have been made, so THANKS to Andy and Mike from  I’d also like to mention Sheriff Steve, you are a legend my friend, if you lived in this country I’d be giving you a gigantic hug and kiss for your contribution!!

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Longest Run, Ever – Part 2!

56km (34.79 miles) is far!!  Driving should take you around half and hour (if you aren’t Sarel Van Der Merwe’s daughter), running took me 6 hours and 14 minutes…


As I mentioned in “Longest Run, Ever – Part 1” you HAVE to (apparently) do a long, slow run before the Comrades to firstly see if you are on schedule with your training, and secondly to test different things like food, where and when you start chafing and to get your toilet stops down to the shortest possible time.


I was a bit nervous setting out in the dark and cold on Saturday morning, having never run more than 42.2km’s before and not knowing how my body was going to react (the prospect of chafe is never a pleasant one).


This is what I learned:

·        Jelly babies and Saltycrax biscuits make the most delicious combination

·        Peeing on the side of the road is pretty easy if done behind a car

·        Clearly my training (and the break I took to get over my cold) is all paying off

·        I get blisters at about 45km’s where my big toe meets my foot

·        My chafe is minimal and will be easily remedied with some Vaseline

·        I should eat at EVERY opportunity to keep myself from feeling nauseous


With my trusty seconds Nicolene and Erin meeting me along the way for the required cheerleading and Mary even running the last 3Km’s with me, I couldn’t have asked for a better team.  Thanks to Michael (one of my running buddies) too for running with me most of the way and for providing enough ammunition for me to make fun of you, keeping my mind off of the fact that I was running 56km’s (I still think you are too old to be going to Vortex!!).


This run is awesome, taking the most spectacular route (and hills) with fabulous support at the water tables which were fully stocked with anything a runner could ask for, plus at the end we had the choice of 3 different soups to warm our rain soaked bodies and replenish everything you use up during a run such as this.  Well done Fishoek Athletic Club!!!


So to those of you who have pledged money against me finishing the Comrades Marathon, I hope you have started saving!!


 In action

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Longest Run, Ever – Part 1

Ok, the cold is gone, the knee is feeling better and I’m doing a comrades training run (56km) with the Fishoek Athletic club on Saturday morning.
This run will be the longest I’ll do before Comrades, after Saturday I will be sticking to short-ish distances until d-day (June 15th).

It’s amazing what some rest can do, not just for the body but for the mind too. I was finding it extremely difficult to motivate myself before the West Coast Marathon on April 26th, dragging my feet to get running and looking for any excuse not to not have to.
Having taken last week off to help rid my body of all its little viral squatters, I hit the road on Sunday with new enthusiasm. It was even raining and I managed to drag myself and my running buddies Saun and Mary out of bed, now THAT’S motivation!!

The run on Saturday sounds like its going to be fun. It is called 4 Hills for Lindsay, and is specifically a Comrades training run for the Fishoek club and anyone interested in joining them. What made me decide to do this run was the fact that they specifically want you to see what works for you by supplying different things to try. The water tables are stocked with Energade, Powerade, water and coke so that you can see what you prefer. They will also have different things to eat along the way (I get hungry) so that you can see what works for you. And really the clincher for me was that every table will have toilet paper…

Click here to check out the route, it looks pretty hectic but beautiful and being the lucky girl that I am, I already have a few people keen to meet me at different spots along the way, and even run for short distances with me (look at “Tips on Being a Great Second”, clearly people have been taking notes).

Will let you know how it goes…

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Running Playlist

I always wonder what other people are listening to on a run.  While my selection is mainly Rock to help dull the pain, I have a few unique tracks which always make me smile and sometimes bring goosebumps to my appendages.

I like to call it the “Soundtrack of my life” and this is how it goes:


The Killers remind me of jumping around at Mercury (this is considered training too), singing on the top of my lungs with Andrea, Vanessa, Jeanene, Nix and the rest of the girls


Modest Mouse reminds me of driving to work in the snow with Jonathon


Barenaked Ladies and Travis remind me of Ky and Trine, Kings Cutlery and Scotland


“Honky tonk ba-dunk-a-dunk” (don’t ask if you aren’t interested in American country music) reminds me of my travel buddy Tessa and living in Pleasant Street, USA.


The Foo Fighters and Violent Femmes remind me of road tripping and Andre


“Ninety-nine Quiet Bitter Beginnings” by CKY reminds me of Tomasin and the car phone


“Swing Life Away” by Rise Against and “Instant pleasure” by Rufus Wainright reminds me of life at the Pemi and skiing (in snow)


The Red Hot Chilly Peppers is Europe and Dispatch is America


I will be starting the Comrades to the prescribed Chariots of Fire and I will be ending it with PM’s Love Theme from the movie “Love Actually”.


All this music helps melt the kilometers away, what are your favorites??





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