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International Donations

Ok everyone, so I’ve managed to pull it out the bag for those of you overseas who would like to donate (I can’t take all the credit for this – Thanks goes to Andre for pointing me in the right direction).

If you want to donate please send me an email ( or comment on the blog so that I can send you an invite to the website which is the platform I’ll be using for everyone without South African bank accounts.
It is very user- friendly, so go ahead, give it a try!!

These details will be posted permanently under “Reach For Recovery Details”

I spoke to the National Coordinator for Reach For Recovery today and it seems people have already donated – sneaky but THANK YOU to whoever you are!!!


On Saturday morning, after coughing the whole of Friday night, I scraped myself out of bed heading off to run the Langebaan Marathon in the West Coast National Park.  Taking provisions for the snotty nose and tight chest, I was all set for my 4 hours and 20 minute marathon – or so I thought!!


5km’s into the race I knew it was going to be a tough run, not so much with regards to the route which was beautiful, taking you around the Langebaan Lagoon with spectacular views in all directions, but physically my body was just not responding as usual.


At 21km’s my iPod died, leaving me in a bit of a panic as to how I was going to drown out the protesting from my body, for another 21km’s.


At 30km’s I decided to listen to reason, and pull out the race. 

With my voice on the verge of disappearing and my claustrophobic heart trying to thump its way out of my chest, I walked up to the first car that came past and (quite obnoxiously I might add) asked the driver to turn around and take me to the park gate, and let me use his phone to call my friends to fetch me.

Lucky for me the kind stranger obliged (or he saw my chin quiver and decided he couldn’t do crying, sweaty females at that time of the morning) not only driving me back to the gate, but all the way back to Langebaan where my friends were waiting.


This is what I learned from this race:


Lesson 1:  Listen to your body when it is shouting NO! (Don’t just turn up the music)

Lesson 2:  Don’t be shy to ask for help when you need it (thanks again Cobus)

Lesson 3:  NEVER, under any circumstance, run when you are not well

Lesson 4:  Don’t lie about how you are feeling, just to get out of any flack from your friends


Humbled by the restrictions of my body I promise to listen in the future, and perhaps NOT take 30km’s to decide that I’m not feeling well…


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Wish Me Luck…

So I’m off up to Langebaan this afternoon for the West Coat Marathon tomorrow morning. 


Battling with a cold this week, the only running I did since Sunday was yesterday for 20 minutes on the treadmill at the gym, making me a little anxious…

I have my new running watch ready (which I’m still learning how to drive), my ipod is charged and full of music, the carbo-load is going down like nails but going down and I have a mental note of everything that needs to be packed – including the lucky knickers.


Will give everyone an update next week!!


4 hours 20 minutes here I come…

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Goals and Pledges

In the article I wrote for this week I mentioned how reaching my goal of finishing the Milkwood half-marathon in under 2 hours, had put me on a massive high and has helped motivate me, especially in this stage of my training.


I had never set any goals for running because I didn’t want to put any pressure on myself, just running was bad enough.  Realistically though, I perform best under pressure (or so I keep saying in all my job interviews – yes amidst all of this I am job hunting).  I have always known this about myself, yet why with something like running where goals are easily defined, have I neglected to set the posts??


My “note to self” was always to just finish the race, with minimal amount of injury and I’ve been doing very well with that – BUT look how much better I could do if I actually set realistic goals (I still want to finish injury free) and reach them .

So for my marathon on Saturday, I plan on finishing in under 4 hours and 20 minutes so that I start in the same place as my mom at the Comrades (she would have started with me anyway, it would just be nice if I could start where she qualified to start).


I have also started getting pledges for Reach for Recovery, some have been somewhat creative…

Brendan is sponsoring me per training km. He said that all the effort goes into the preparation…  Thanks my friend!!

Charles (in all his wisdom) has decided to sponsor R5 per km completed, that’s huge and I’m totally stoked but when I thanked him (and told him he’d be coughing up a hefty sum at the end) he told me, rather smugly, that he didn’t expect me to finish hence this type of donation…  Well Mr, we will see about that!!

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Race of Firsts…

First time I set out with a goal in mind (to come in under 2 hours – my best so far being 2:04)

First time I ran with someone, for the whole race, since my first race last year

First time I never walked once during the race

First time I’ve run between Kommetjie and Scarborough (most beautiful route ever!)

First time I had someone to sprint against at the end

First time I got a tree for running 21.1km’s

First time I finished in 1 hour and 53 minutes

First time I would have taken a painkiller while running

BIG thanks to Saun for the motivation and encouragement throughout the race, I don’t think I would have done as well without him making sure we were on track time-wise!!

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Pre-Race Training

I’m running the Milkwood half-marathon on Sunday, which means my last training run was on Wednesday morning – I like resting myself good and proper before a race, I’d hate to over train…


Unfortunately I seem to have developed a little OCD with exercise (having been doing something physical just about every day for the past few months) and was chomping at the bit by yesterday afternoon, which is when I decided to go to a yoga class.

Now I used to go to yoga at least 2 or 3 times a week, so as you can imagine I was quite flexible.

I’d like to say that my dedication to yoga started slipping because of all the running, but realistically it was because it seemed at least an inch had been cut out of my hamstrings while I wasn’t looking, which made the sporadic class I did manage to squeeze in, quite horrid.


Today, I feel like a rag which has been wrung out and  hasn’t quite resumed it’s pre-wringing shape, and to be fair my hamstrings are fine, its my core and arms that are the worst…

I also realized that I miss yoga and the benefits it can bring to my running, not just physically but mentally too.


As for putting something off just because I can’t touch my toes like I used to, or put my leg around my neck like the tie-died matching outfit girl in the front of the class – you still have to have a balance, even when your focus is on one thing, everything else still counts…


PS Instead of receiving a medal for the race on Sunday, they give you a tree and since I live in an apartment I’m looking for ideas on what I should do with said tree, assuming that it would be very unhappy on my balcony…




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Ok, so it looks like those of you with non-South African bank accounts are going to have to wait a little longer to donate, PayPal isn’t going to work out for me in this regard.  I will work on it a little more and come up with a solution to this minor problem.



I came across this quote this morning, it made me laugh:


“Running won’t kill you,

You’ll pass out first…”


That’s the kind of wisdom I need!!!






60 days, that’s 2 months today actually…

Put like that I get a funny feeling in the pit of my stomach, and my hands get all sweaty…


60 days to get my weekly mileage up to over 100km a week, AND taper it down again leading up to June 15th!!


60 days = 1 half marathon (this Sunday) + 1 full marathon (next Saturday) + 1 56km in May +1 flight + 2 shoes + 89km’s + 12 hours + LOTS OF SUPPORT!!


I think I’m going to have to stick my head between my legs for a while until it stops spinning…


Check out the Comrades Info I posted to shed some light on all the questions I’ve had about the race details.



I have also added PayPal information to make it easier to donate for those of you who live overseas and don’t have a South African Bank Account.



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Love & Hate

5 Things I Love about Running:

1. The medal at the end (even at the 10km runs)

2. The scenery (not of the human kind)

3. The vibe when you start, and finish

4. Clarity of thought

5. The cyclists

5 Things I hate about Running:

1. People who don’t look where they are spitting

2. Cats-eyes (you’d be surprised how many people fall – hey mom!!)

3. Needing to pee

4. Motorists who drive too close to you

5. Other runners/cyclists that don’t acknowledge your greetings

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My Idea…

I want to raise money.  It can be per km or just a donation, however you want to break it down is up to you.


The beneficiary would be Reach for Recovery (043-723-NPO) which is a non-profit organization whose program aims to supply practical and emotional support to breast cancer patients and their families, to enable them to make relevant personal decisions and to find the motivation for recovery with an optimal quality of life.  They are also relatively small and so will benefit from every cent donated.


Why Reach For Recovery??


I have been blessed not having anyone close to me suffer from anything more serious than old age, until recently…

An amazing woman, who I had the great privilege of meeting and spending time with as part of her family, had been fighting breast cancer for the past 5 years and tragically lost her battle in January.

This is my tribute to Gemma (a comrades runner), whose love and dedication to her family motivated her to fight bravely, keeping her here for longer than most people anticipated, and who will be missed but never forgotten.




I have posted Reach For Recovery’s banking details on a seperate page.  I will also post them at regular intervals as part of my musings to remind everyone.

I know it’s a bit of a schlep without an automatic donation form but I’m not THAT clever yet!!

Reach for Recovery wants to be able to track where the money is coming from so please make the reference “reluctantrunner”, I would also like you to pop a quick comment on my blog if you donate (unless you’d like to stay anonymous), so that I can see who is helping to push me the 89km’s from Durban to Pietermaritzburg…




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