2 Weeks and Counting…

As I sit here writing this blog entry, favoring my left butt cheek since the gigantic Vitamin B injection I’ve just had seems to have left me in agony (ok I’m being a little dramatic but everyone has at least one irrational fear and mine is injections), I am forced to examine what I have put myself through these last few months – all in the name of the Comrades Marathon:


  • Vitamin B injections every month to stave off and colds/flu (still not sure if the anxiety pre-inject and pain post-inject is worth the benefit)


  • Acupuncture for the knees (yes again for someone who is afraid of needles this took me a while to try – although at that stage my ITB was so painful, amputation would have been the next step)


  • Orthopedic Surgeon visits, massage therapists and physio’s (perhaps I should have considered a psychologist)


  • Reiki – again for the knees (a fantastic experience although the benefits were felt in areas unrelated to my knees at all)


  • Early (early) mornings for races


  • Early evenings, mainly on the weekends damaging my social life (and making my alcohol tolerance laughable)


All of this said, I went onto the Comrades website (www.comrades.com) this morning to have a look at the countdown clock, making sure was up to speed on the exact days, hours and minutes remaining – I saw an article on Richard Whitehead, a double amputee who ran the comrades last year and I hear a voice in my head shout…



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  1. Blade says:

    Is gettin on TV part of the plan?
    perhaps a secondary part of your overall plan?
    I agree with Andre on the womens Lib point hahah 🙂

    You should probably have someone PVR the race , incase you apear on tv

  2. RussellM says:

    I have to agree that Richard Whitehead is amazing. Last year he passed me in Mayville (about 12km from the finish) looking like a million bucks. Two minutes later a blind runner passed me, and a minute later Sharkie (the rugby mascot) in full costume whizzed by. Man, did I feel deflated for a while.

    Agree with you on injections. Have to have a cortizone in my hip on Monday – not looking forward to it.

  3. btefan says:

    I’m with you on injections. No fun. At all. As for the ITB, is it any better? I have it bad in my left knee and I’m hoping it’s getting better. It does suck though. I might hit a orthopedist in a couple of weeks.

    So are you counting down now?

  4. Andre says:

    Nice! Yeah, having an aching pain in the butt early in the morning is definitely something to worry about…

    Nitpicking I know, but shouldn’t the last line read “WOMAN THE HELL UP!!!!”? If not, I am forced to conclude either:
    (a) You are a man! As your housemate I find this quite disturbing…
    (b) You are making use of a colloquialism which implies that men are in fact more hard-core than woman! Quite a shocker coming from a woman’s lib’er like you!!

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