100 Days and Counting…

I’ve just received the February Comrades Marathon Newsletter and the opening sentence looked like this:

100 Days to Go!!

This got my pulse racing, so I went over to the Comrades Marathon website to punish myself a little more with their little clock ticker thingy, and guess what…??

I have 99 days

12 hours, and

37 minutes (as of me writing this post – in a cold sweat)

And in 99 days I have 1 marathon, 1 Ultra (56km) marathon and 4 smaller races!!

It feels like this race has just snuck up on me, I had better start getting serious about this now – I mean I don’t feel like I have put in half as much as last year.

Rescue Remedy where are you!!!

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  1. lunaticg says:

    Wish i have some courage and determination like you to join those races…
    See you around.

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